Forging Parts
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As another essential scope of our metal parts, forging business enables us to stand firmly under the pressures of global competition.

From die design and machining, to raw material stock, supply, cutting or sawing, heating, forging, trimming, heat treatment, rough and precision machining, NDT testing, coating, packing, shipment to delivery, we had already formed the whole supply chain. We proud our highly skilled team for timely production and excellent quality control.

Our main production equipments:

Die developing & maintenance equipments;

630 tons, 1600 tons, 2400tons frication pressure machines;

Annealing, Surface treatment, Normalizing, Quenching & Tempering furnaces

Vertical CNC machining center

All kinds of inspection and testing instruments.


Track related products, automobile parts, motorbike parts, bicycle parts, mechanical parts, hardware tools, engineering machinery, railway parts etc.